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Benefits of Martial Arts Training
Short Term Benefits There are a few short-term benefits to martial arts training; however, most of the noticeable benefits take time to set in. Some benefits that you may notice right away are; improved energy, noticeable gains in flexibility, strength and endurance, and a knowledge of basic self-defense skills.

However, students who have trained for a short period should be careful not to develop a false sense of ability in self-defense.

Long Term Benefits
There’s a saying that goes something like this; “practice for a day, lose it in a day, practice for a year, keep it for a year.” Meaning that the longer someone works at something, the longer it takes the skill/benefit to disappear. All of the short term benefits will continue to improve but many new ones will start to show.

Goal setting becomes very easy through skills, tips and belts (a step-by-step plan to achieve a long term goal).

Courtesy/Respect (bowing, saying “yes sir/maam,” etc.) should be becoming second-nature.

Perseverance (not giving up when things get tough) is something that comes into play at some point and a student will learn to keep working when things get “tough.”

Learning to focus on the task at hand and staying calm under pressure happen when students have to test their skills in front of instructors.

Stress relief as each class is a way to “let off the steam” of everyday life.

Self-Defense skills (it takes time to learn to perform techniques correctly and smoothly as if the move is second nature and requires no conscious thought).

Self Discipline improves because students are taught to sit straight, not talk at times and stand still when need be. This leads to learning how to control themselves in other ways.

Great overall health for the mind body and spirit so that students quality of life improves in all areas.

Your Role as a Parent
Congratulations on enrolling your child in our prestigious program! We are dedicated to helping your child be the best that he or she can be while preparing your child for the world. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the most precious thing in your life….your child.

Here are some important tips that will help your child get the most out of our program


  • Make sure your child attends class regularly. Children adjust to consistency. If taking class becomes an option and not a priority, they will not adjust as well. If you child is going to miss a class for any reason, try and make it up as soon as possible. - Watch your child participate often. Your child wants to make you proud. The best way they can show you how well they are doing is for you to see for yourself.

  • Monitor your child’s progress. While earning a tip every week is not always possible (no matter how hard someone works) it should still be happening regularly, especially if their attendance and effort is good. You may want to encourage your child to try for a tip (they may be nervous and just need some extra encouragement from you), or consult an instructor if they are having trouble completing the requirements (often times students make things harder on themselves by focusing on the wrong things). Talking with an instructor helps keep everyone on the same page.

  • Invite family, friends and teachers to your child’s belt promotion. This is a big event for your child in his or her martial arts training that only comes around every 2 – 3 months. For your child, 2 – 3 months is a long time. Make it a big event and your child’s confidence will grow!

  • Try to set up training time at home. Using a punching bag or hand target, doing stretches & exercises, using curriculum DVD’s, anything extra will make you better

  • The best thing you can do for your child’s progress is to take class yourself. Not only will it help in their understanding of the skills but it’s a great bonding experience.

  • We highly recommend you read the sheets your child receives with them to help them really understand the message.

Why you should be referring everyone you know

The highest honor you can show your dojang and instructor is to refer new people to us (you think that highly that you would want those you care about to experience all that we have to offer)


If you feel that this has changed your life for the better then you should not want to keep it a secret and something that only “you” get to do.


Think about it like this, if everyone learned the patience, self-control, self-discipline, fitness……. aspects of Taekwondo, how different would the world be? Would there be as much conflict, obesity, laziness…..?


Taekwondo could change the world, but not if it’s a secret. So if you feel that we do everything we can to make this program a success, we ask that you “shout from the rooftops" about us.

How to be a good student

There are many ways to be a “good” student, but the most important ones have nothing to do with skill. Attitude, Effort, Consistency (in attendance), Punctuality, Perseverance and a desire to constantly improve are the main things we look for from students.


Showing a great attitude is not always easy, but says a lot about your character.


Great effort (working hard) shows that you care about yourself because you know that is the only way you will accomplish anything.


Consistency in attendance is the only way to consistently improve. If you take time off from class you are taking time off from getting better.


Punctuality is a good habit for all situations, and shows respect for everyone’s time (including your own)


Perseverance is the only way to achieve Black Belt Excellence. No one will achieve this level with out having to persevere through some rough times.


Constantly improve your skill in Taekwondo through extra practice at home before and after class, improve flexibility by stretching, working on your strength by doing extra exercise, have a plan for learning skills step by


What “is” Black Belt Club?

The “Black Belt Club” or BBC is a membership level for when you have decided that earning Black Belt is your goal.


Whether this happens after 3, 6, 12 months or at Gold Belt, Green Belt…… does not matter. We have options that will help take you to your projected Black Belt graduation date or beyond.


Just as with anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you become. Being a BBC member allows you to train an extra time per week. If you train 2 times per week (without missing any classes) after 1 year you will have taken 104 classes, with 3 classes per week you will have taken 156 classes (52 extra classes or at 2 classes per week, 6 months of extra training), think about how much farther ahead you’ll be and how much easier things will be.


As well, you also have the option of participating in a specialty class (Sparring Team or Black Belt Training). This class will help you develop even more skill on top of what you are already getting in your weekly classes. With graduation fees included and all the extra classes, it is a great value. For all we offer you we ask that you make the commitment to attend throughout no matter what.


You will see the quote “THIS IS A BLACK BELT SCHOOL” posted in the dojang. What this means is that we train students to be Black Belts here. We don’t train students to be Green, Blue, Red Belts, those belts are fine, but that is not our goal. When a student attends academic school they are attending with the intention of graduating. We are a school too and after a certain point of “trying it out” we want you to make the decision to train for Black Belt and nothing less. The instructors goal is to help each and every student achieve this level of success and each class students are helped take another step forward. Black Belt Club is not necessary to achieve the rank of Black Belt, but it certainly helps.

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