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Dress Code

  • Do-Bok Must be clean at all times.

  • A complete Do-Bok must be worn at all times.

  • Only Kwon’s T-shirts are allowed on the Do-Jang in place of a Do-Bok top, from March to October except for Testing.

  • T-shirts may only be worn in the summer months. Do-Bok pants must be worn at all other times of the year.

  • The only patches that are allowed on the Do-Bok are those identifying Kwon’s.  All other patches must be approved by the Master.

  • No Jewelry, watches or other accessories are allowed during practice times. Please do not bring valuables to the Do-Jang.  Kwon’s will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Write your full name inside your Do-Bok and safety equipment.

The Uniform (Doh Bohk)

The Uniform should always be clean for class and testing.  The uniform is white and symbolizes purity and equality. 


Korean and American Flags may be sewn onto the right and left shoulders.  Other patches may be affixed but need to be approved by your instructor.


Nails should be short and clean to prevent scrapes/cuts and infections.
Bathe and brush your teeth regularly to keep yourself healthy and out of respect for your classmates

Refrain from wearing jewelry during training to prevent injury and minimize noise.

Pads and gear

Sparring pads should be put on as quickly as possible in class and not taken off until told to by the instructor.  Pads should be periodically cleaned depending on their “odor”.  Leg pads should be put on first and hand/arm guards last.  Keep an extra mouth guard in your bag, just in case you misplace yours.

How to Tie a Belt










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