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Students must...

  • attend classes regularly for their own good.

  • be at the Do-Jang 5 minutes before the class and be in Do-Bok & Stretch.

  • bow to the flags and Sa-bum-Nim (Master Instructor) when entering and leaving the Do-Jang.

  • junior belts will show respect to senior belts and senior belts will set a good example for them to follow.

  • remove all jewelry and watches before class. These will interfere with class.

  • not enter or leave the class without permission from Sa-Bum-Nim

  • yell energetically, answer loudly and move quickly during class.

  • if the Do-Bok becomes messy, turn away from the group and adjust the Do-Bok.

  • keep the Do-Bok in clean and serviceable condition.

  • get Sa-Bum-Nim's permission to engage in free sparing.

  • use protective gear (head gear, chest protector, groin protector, shin instep guard, forearm guard, and mouth piece) to engage in free sparing. The only target permitted in free sparing is the area covered by the chest protector.

  • not spar with an emotional attitude but with a fighting spirit.

  • not participate in any tournament competition without Sa-Bum-Nim permission.

  • clean the Do-Jang and arrange the equipment before and after each class.

  • be neither be arrogant nor complacent, but instead follow the rules of etiquette and be an example for other to follow in social activities.



General Do-Jang Rules

  • Students are allowed to arrive 5 minutes before their classes and picked up no later than 10 minutes after their classes. Alternative arrangements can be made for special circumstances or in an emergency.

  • Students must  be aware that they should not leave the Do-Jang  for any reason unless told by parents or Kwon’s staff members.

  • Please remind your children  that  they must show respect  to their  Sa-bum nim  by saying good-bye before they leave the Do-Jang.

  • No one is allowed to use the equipment  without Permission  from  the Sa-bum nim.

  • No gum or candy in the Do-jang.

  • Any substitute Instructor shall  be treated with the same respect and courtesy as your regular Sa-bum nim.

  • Do not handle any weapons without a Sa-bum nim’s  permission.

  • Profanity is prohibited at all times.

  • Smoking is not allowed in Do-jang.

  • Shoes will not be worn in Training area.

  • Talking is not permitted in  class, unless you have a question to ask.

  • Fingernails and toenails must be kept trim.

  • No jewelry of any kind can be worn during a class.

  • No horseplay of any kind is allowed on or off the mat.

  • Keep you Do-Bok clean and presentable at all times.

Disciplinary action will be taken for all violations of the above rules. Penalties will vary at the discretion of the Master. Such penalties are: possible demotion of rank, suspension, or termination of training privileges.

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