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Meet Our Taekwondo Kindergartners

When they first came to us they were nervous, they were unruly, they couldn't read, and they were adorable.  Now they are confident, they are moderately disciplined, they can read (which has little to do with us, but is still a fact,) and they are even more adorable (if that's possible!)  Each year we take a new crop of tiny Kindergartners and we help guide them through their first confusing weeks of school and help them as they maneuver their way through the year they will learn their basics!  We laugh with them, we read with them, we sometimes disciple them, we put band-aids on any boo-boos, and we teach them Taekwondo!  Then once they start 1st grade, they look at the new Kindergartners, and remember with each other when they were that little.  They form a bond with each other that they carry through the grades.  We have 5th graders leaving elementary school this year that started in Kindergarten together.  What's the secret to our success?  We love kids, we understand kids, and we communicate with their parents. 


At Kwon's we listen to each parent when they describe how their child learns, behaves, and interacts with other children, so by the time they begin our program we are prepared in advance to integrate them into their new surroundings. We then continue to learn each child's individual personality and work with them to ensure a successful aftercare experience. Our program teaches Taekwondo, not mixed martial arts, and is built on the 5 tenets of Taekwondo; courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. Send a quick email  for our Before & After School Care Packet for more information.                                                           License # 255156


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